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Welcome To a Lot of Stream-of-Conscious Nonsense!
Here you will find ramblings, rants, & introspections of varying degrees of interest. There may also be the occasional scene or sketch posted for public approval or stoning, as the case may be. If you don't like gaming, music, Japan, or listening to the frustrations of a would-be-author with her fictional characters, then I suggest you get the hell out. ^_^
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Feb. 13th, 2013 @ 04:40 pm Rediscovering Buck-Tick
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Musicness: "MISS TAKE" - Buck-Tick
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You know, I find it ironic that half of my old entries on this LJ were griping about my various car problems...and now, shortly after I reboot my LJ, I have new car problems to gripe over. :p

It's also ironic that I decided to hide half of my old posts for embarrassing fangirl nonsense, and now my first real entry since the reboot is going to be a music rant. Ah well.

About a week ago, I randomly decided to go cruise YouTube and see if Buck-Tick had anything new. This was both the best and worst idea ever. Best because of COURSE they have new material, and it is fucking AWESOME. Worst because it promptly sent me scurrying over to CDJapan to order the album, which in turn led to me ordering a newer concert DVD ALONG with said album....which, naturally, means spending far too much money on music.

And then, predictably, my car decides to shit itself. -_- But that's another story.

Anyway, I cannot WAIT for this album to arrive! The two singles are fantastic, I've been playing them nonstop since last week. The first one sucked me in with the gorgeous melody and the second had me jumping around the house like an idiot. XD Even if you don't know a lick of Japanese, these songs are irresistable...go ahead, I DARE you to watch these and not be humming the chorus to yourself for the rest of the day.

That's "MISS TAKE", the one that had me all starry-eyed and going "how did I forget how awesome these guys are?!" And the next is the bouncy rock crack that had my legs aching the next day from dancing too much...

Are they stuck in your head yet? Yeah, you're welcome. ^_^

After reveling in those two songs for an entire night, I dove back into my rather extensive B-T collection...and I've been there ever since. I essentially live at work, so this generally means they dominated my car stereo and my MP3 player on truck days. There is nothing better than delving back into an old obsession that you've neglected for awhile! I forgot how "Speed" is the best cure for a bad day EVER...it's impossible to be cranky and pissy while listening to that song. Also played the hell out of "My Funny Valentine" one night, all the way home, which says a lot for how incredible that song is. Currently, the Kurutta Taiyo and 13kai albums have been ruling the roost, which is rather amusing because they couldn't be more different...one is a darkly gorgeous gothic masterpiece, and the other is a bouncy, synthed-up offering of 90s-dipped-in-80s rock. Awesome stuff! *_*

It just never ceases to amaze me how these guys churn out album after album, pretty much one every year, and they never run out of material. How the hell do they do it?! With a few exceptions, there's essentailly one lyricist and one composer, and they just keep going. A friend and I were discussing this the other day, and she thinks that it is partly a cultural thing because Japanese rock stars tend to approach it as a business and a job. There could certainly be something to this theory, because it isn't just Buck-Tick, most JRock bands consistently release material every year until they split up.

The remarkable thing about B-T, though, is how good that material is. They have had the same lineup since 1983, and every album has been its own unique creation with its own distinct sound...there is one for every possible mood. Not many bands can sustain that kind of creativity for ten years, let alone twenty plus! I also love how their sound has evolved in a sort of counterintuitive way. They're rocking a much simpler, stripped-down style than in the old days, whereas most bands start out simple and work up to the elaborate effects and tricks. Hell, on "MISS TAKE", Imai is playing a Gibson. He of the awesome, custom Fernandez guitars is playing a plain old GIBSON. It's just so ridiculously cool. ^_^

Speaking of which? Nobody makes me want to play electric guitar like this guy. Nobody. He is just so fucking AWESOME. It makes me want to dust off my cheap old Fender knockoff, flip it over, and try to play it left-handed, LOL.

So, yeah, definitely looking forward to that album! It's going to be a long week waiting for it to arrive.
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